Monday, 17 June 2013

1: Take A Look At The Sun - Meet Beth

Beth isn't one of the crowd. Beth and her friends haven't heard of most of the things you're into, her friends on Facebook are her real friends and she doesn't do games.

Beth loves arts and and crafts, beautifully maintained old vinyl, thrift shopping. You'll find her in East London - Hackney, Brick Lane, Dalston and only Shoreditch when she's really pressed.

It really irks her that people are so quick to jump on the bandwagon. She can't go to her old haunts without being accosted, assaulted and suffocated by the very crowd she so totally eschews - tourists. And tourists of the worst type - culture tourists - they purchase the jeans, the shoes, the faux handmade t-shirts and the past, post ironic, idiosyncratic accessories to buy into an existence that at it's true heart is the antithesis of that very notion.

Imagine her surprise then whilst on a Sunday strolling through her actual hood - yes she really lives around Brick lane, (just 4 stops away on the bus) when she is confronted by that which she so craves and yet so completely believes to be unobtainable - a vision of dishevelled chic that emerges into her lens as she takes pictures for personal collection, not just Instagram...
Listen to a Snippet of the single here:

Little Hipster Girl is released Aug 19 2013 on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp & all good online retailers.
Finally the highly anticipated video that this blog was based upon is here.
You can buy the single on ITunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, CD Baby, etc. next Monday Aug 19 2013

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