Monday, 24 June 2013

2: Buzzing Now - Meet Col

Colin - Col to his friends, is English and from the Camberwell, South-East London via... Surrey to be precise. Col is the type of English that means he has to key to the city - any city. He's not an archetype, he's the archetype - tall and lanky, speaks with a plum in his mouth as big as his Adam's apple. He may open doors for ladies but only because every door is already open for him. Col is proud of his pedigree but not so you'd know it. Painfully left-wing his abhorrence of everything his parents have tried to instil however stops at it's financial and social benefits.

Sauntering languidly out of his Camberwell flat in his post-decadent sprawl that is his part of Sarf Landan, Col's all about the 'allowance'. He was never going to be one to slum it without a safety net. For those with the temerity to question his integrity he's quick to point that he's backpacked his way through India, Tanzania and Somalia - never once staying at the major hotels. He's been to the slums that most only glimpse for a few seconds on one of those tear-jerking but actually necessary ads. How many of them had actually built a well?

He's out to enjoy life - to take everything that it has to offer. That's what brings him to Brick Lane this Sunday. Sure it's over-saturated and he's much more comfortable in the authentic bohemia of Camberwell, Peckham and New Cross - nonetheless it's a still a great area to find new blood. Rough Trade Records, Cafe 1001, the girl's still can't resist...

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Little Hipster Girl is released Aug 19 2013 on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp & all good online retailers.
Finally the highly anticipated video that this blog was based upon is here.
You can buy the single on ITunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, CD Baby, etc. next Monday Aug 19 2013

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