Thursday, 1 August 2013

6. Tomorrow Another Leaf You’ll Turn Over...

Brief encounters can often leave the most indelible memories. Stolen moments are far fewer in actuality than elegant prose or flowery poetry. A kiss with a stranger isn't unknown to either party - often at a party - or a pub, bar, club. 

But there's definitely something special about this one. The moment it's over Beth dashes off. Col stands - frozen to the spot again, cheeks flushed and feeling light.

He reaches down to pick up the vinyl that the little creature apparently dropped during her seduction of him and never stopped to retrieve upon her exit. Well it's a win, win then isn't it he smiles to himself. So what if he didn't get a number or even a name, he's got this piece of unexpected treasure so tucking the record under his arm and putting his hands in his pockets, he prepares to embark on a victory strut...

And now he knows why he really feels lighter - his heart sinks at the sudden realisation - the one you try so hard not to believe. His wallet - it's gone. Every pocket is checked - several times, but Colin is meticulous, nay fastidious when it comes to these things' He knows which pocket is home to his wallet and all the alternatives are equally as bare. FUCK!!!

Meanwhile stepping out of a well known supermarket in a galaxy not too far away, Beth feels a little pang - it's not guilt and not really regret. It's closer to - 'don't mix business with pleasure' - she kinda liked the guy's vibe - but really, what good does it do for the predator to love it's prey. But hey it could be worse. she's got a meal deal and this week's rent's paid - she turn over a new leaf tomorrow - maybe.


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