Monday, 15 July 2013

5: OK It's happened now!

Ever the impulsive one, Beth decides if her 'stalker' isn't going to make a move then she'll have to. Having led him from Gray Walk through Brick Lane and back down to Spitalfields Arts market, she makes an unexpected detour. Just far enough ahead to help him  pick up his pace but close enough for him to keep her in sight. 

They say the chase is better than the catch, but what if the hunted wants to be caught? What larks!

Turning down an alley way not far from the infamous Ten Bells pub of Jack the Ripper times Beth mind skips through vintage scenes of romance and danger. In what might seem a reversal of roles to some, Beth simply acts in a way entirely contemporary for her peers and very much the norm for her - she takes charge and grabs her dogged pursuer for an embrace he will not likely forget.
The treasured vinyl she has been clasping throughout drops to their feet as she stands up on her toes to enthral this unnamed suitor with her kiss, the body that trembles is not hers...

Listen to a Snippet of the single here:

Little Hipster Girl is released Aug 19 2013 on iTunes, Amazon and all good online retailers.
Finally the highly anticipated video that this blog was based upon is here.
You can buy the single on ITunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, CD Baby, etc. next Monday Aug 19 2013

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