Monday, 1 July 2013

3: The Bills Take You Low...

Talking Heads - the only band anyone one would ever want to be in. All that came before were simply seeds that allowed their flower to spring; all that came after either poor imitations or deviations. Progenitors should be proud and descendants grateful.

So as much as this find of their magnum opus in Spitalfields Arts Market  is something celestial to her - it won't help pay the rent.

Contrary to popular belief her life isn't a charmed one with an endless flow of cash on taps. Her 'exotic' visage may be a clear reflection of her mixed Thai and European heritage - but what it doesn't reveal is that she is a product of the pure tireless industry of a Liverpudlian father and Balinese immigrant mother.

She did not grow up rich and entitled  - did she want for anything growing up? Well yes. Sure, she had a roof over her head and didn't walk barefoot to school - but who did - as if these are the times of Dickens? The kids she had met from the 'hood Instagram more often than she does! The 'suburb' where she grew up was a place where her 'ethnicity' often meant her being asked by the friends to do the talking when they ordered a Chinese because she'd 'get a better deal from her people'.

Her public school education did not come by way of family money but was the product of parents determined that their daughter would propel them into a a new and higher social strata -  quite unremarkable lower middle class aspirations really.

So her refusal to accept any form of allowance from her parents wasn't her slumming it rather just a resignation to the fact she was on her own. Parental assistance wasn't an option.

Her mother would give her last penny and Beth wasn't going to let her - she loved her too much for that and couldn't deal with the guilt that came along with it. Her father on the other hand would simply try to pay assuage his own guilt.

So here she is, mulling over the negative £10 contribution buying this record will be to her rent when she notices in the corner of her eye that the guy she took a picture of is ... following her? He's harmless she thinks and a little cute - and wonders wistfully, how long can he keep it up?

Listen to a Snippet of the single here:

Little Hipster Girl is released Aug 19 2013 on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp & all good online retailers.
Finally the highly anticipated video that this blog was based upon is here.
You can buy the single on ITunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, CD Baby, etc. next Monday Aug 19 2013

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