Monday, 8 July 2013

4: Such a long way to come...

Confidence isn't something in short supply for Col. He never  goes very long without a girlfriend. Blessed with that 'quirky' charisma he has a large and popular set of friends to ensured invites to social events 7 days a week. 

But his girlfriends usually came to him. Often introduced to him by friends at parties, or through work. A recent graduate he still goes to uni functions and had no trouble while he was a student. But he was never much of guy for meeting girls 'on road' as his black friends would call it.

It always amazed him the ease with which his fam were able to approach a girl they'd never met before and in the most inauspicious of places - on tube, the bus, at the chicken shop... So when he was coming out of '' on Dray Walk and this Chinese girl in a boater snapped him with the vintage camera Col saw his chance to test his mettle. he felt awkward - but awkward was good, it showed he was vulnerable - but of course he didn't let it overwhelm him.

He'd come this far, he'd see how this one played out...

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